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Griffith Rodriguez Sley & Collins is a public relations and government affairs consulting firm devoted to implementing long-term strategy for our clients and to evaluate and target audiences in order to have a successful impact for the issues our clients care about.

Griffith Rodriguez Sley & Collins is a strategic communications and public government relations firm. We make your case for you and help shape your vision for new public policy. Members of Congress, state legislators, leading innovators, investors,  global CEOs and life changing NGOs are the entities with which we deal.

William Griffith, Tony Rodriguez, Benjamin Sley, Esq. (USMC JAG), and Alfonse Collins bring unique lifetime experiences to represent you and the issues that matter most to you.

We help our clients define themselves, their vision and help demonstrate their value in order to differentitate themselves from their competitors.

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Will Griffith and Friends with Tulsi Gabbard
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Greg Raths...The Comeback Kid!

If Republicans are poised to take back the House in a "yuge" Red Wave, wouldn't it be better to do it without Never Trump/RINO candidates, even if we lose a few seats?  From Young Kim and David Valadao in California to Liz Cheney in Wyoming to Nancy Mace in South Carolina, let's finally show those RINOs that this is the "America First" MAGA Party!

That message might be getting out even in very blue California.  Recently, the California Republican Assembly (CRA), founded in 1935, held its Orange and San Diego Counties' convention to vote on endorsements.  In the new congressional 40th District, CRA endorsed "America First" MAGA candidate Greg Raths over NeverTrump incumbent Young Kim.

That's a "yuge" endorsement!  MAGA Greg Raths over NeverTrump Young Kim!

As we enter primary season, MAGAs must not be afraid of supporting "America First" MAGA candidates, even if state and county GOPs are fawning over establishment candidates.  As [Deborah] Pauly pointed out:

"If the Red Wave nationally is as predicted, this is the best time for true conservatives to take a stand here in California and stop adding to the swamp in Washington D.C."



William Griffith


William Griffith is a graduate of the United States Institute of Peace with specific focus on Conflict Analysis. He served on the War Crimes Committee at the Human Rights Institute of the International Bar Association. He is a former member of the International Counter Terrorism Officers Association and former host of ICTOA Radio. Griffith is a staunch advocate for LGBTQ rights, the homeless, and a former candidate for Congress. He resides in Los Angeles with his wife Alysyn.

William Griffith

Tony Rodriguez


Tony joined the US Army in 1980 and served 25 years and 10 months. He had various assignments through his time in service, from radio mechanic and recruiting to retention assignments. In 2004, a year before retirement, he spent time with the Army National Guard NASCAR racing group, where he met a representative from People Ready, who offered him a position in their organization which he accepted upon retirement. He is currently working with Lead Staffing, a company very similar to People Ready. Since 2019 Tony has been a board member of the Pomona/San Gabriel Valley Regional Center for the Self-Determination Program for people with disabilities.


Det. Michael Riker (Ret.)


Det. Michael W. Riker is a 22 year veteran of the Prince George’s County, Maryland Police Department, having received numerous awards and letters of commendation; he is also a 3 year veteran of the US Capitol Police. Mike was assigned as an Intelligence Analyst with the Maryland Coordination and Analysis Center, and served as President of the ICTOA (International Counter Terrorism Officers Association). His career also included patrol, district level investigations, Robbery and grand theft investigator, Narcotics Enforcement and/DEA Task Force Group 36. Riker has his Bachelors of Science degree in Criminal Justice Management from Madison University, and has taken numerous narcotics, terrorism and intelligence related courses during his career.

Mike Riker

Benjamin Sley, Esq.


Ben Sley proudly served as a U.S. Marine. A graduate of Baylor Law School, Ben also has Masters of Law Degrees (LL.M.’s) from SMU Law School (Taxation) and the University of Illinois Chicago (Intellectual Property with Honors).
Ben has worked with top-tier law firms and one of the world’s largest electronics manufacturers, and has traveled through much of the world on his legal-related business. He is considered an expert on Cybersecurity, having been recently published in major legal and accounting magazines regarding preserving attorney “work-product” privilege in Cybersecurity audits.
Ben has been involved in political matters for several decades, having run for political office himself, making lifelong friendships and relations on both sides of the political aisle. Ben has a keen knowledge for “what works” in the political arena. His political advice is seasoned, insightful, practical and effective.
In April 2022 Ben officially retired from the firm, but remains in an advisory capacity.

Ben Sley

Alfonse Collins


Al Collins is a community leader who sits on the board of directors for the West Valley Warner Center Chamber of Commerce, as well as on the board of directors for Networking Plus, a nonprofit organization which helps local charities. Collins enjoys volunteering his time to help his community, is a former child actor, and currently works as a handyman taking care of the "honey-do" lists of chores around his clients homes. Collins brings a clarity of perspective to the firm through his deep concern for the growth and strength of his community and country, and would like to see more bipartisanship between Democrats and Republicans.

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